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The most important thing about music is the way it makes you feel. Musicians are lucky enough to live a life of pure feeling if they can play their personal visionary music with as much integrity and energy as the spirit grants them. For the last 27 years, the trio called BROUN FELLINIS have been doing exactly this, innovating and disseminating their "Brounsoun," a sonic expression inspired by the ancient to future traditions of jazz, funk, Afrocentric Hip Hop, Dub, film soundtracks, and African/Indian trance sounds. The Fellinis play this NOW music with passion, precision and soul in energetic performances that embrace freedom and structure equally. Out of nowhere, improvised themes and motifs morph into well-crafted songs with evocative melodies, exotic harmonies and infectious rhythms. It is a music of the moment, reflecting the lives of three exceptional musicians living and creating in the Bay Area, California.

KEVIN CARNES (drums), a founding member of the Afro industrial noise ensemble The BeatNigs, is an in-demand studio ace with credits including analog/digital drum work for Om Records, and George Clinton/P-Funk. His playing is elemental, like thunder, the wind, or volcanoes erupting.

In 1989, CARNES met DAVID BOYCE (saxophones/spoken word), after Boyce moved to SF from NY. Their first jam session was pre-empted by the Loma Prieta earthquake. They perceived this as a good omen and collaborated consistently, forming the BROUN FELLINIS in 1991 (with original bassist Ayman Mobarak, who left the band in 1994). BOYCE is an original voice developing a personal syntax all his own. His use of effects pedals to create hallucinatory audio visual paintings is emotionally provocative.

KIRK PETERSON (bass), who joined the band in the spring of 1995, is a selfless, treacherously funky, hypnotic groove shaman. After relocating to the Bay Area, he ended up in a short-lived funk band with CARNES and BOYCE, and was the natural replacement for Mobarak. Since his arrival the Fellinis have performed in Spain, British Columbia, toured with Ben Harper, appeared at music festivals in the U.S. and Canada, and played support to such artists as Erykah Badu, The Roots, Mos Def, P-Funk, Me'Shell Ndegeocello, The Last Poets, Gil Scott-Heron, and more. The Broun Fellinis have been profiled on NPR and BET in the U.S., Radio Nova in France, and Greater London Radio in the United Kingdom.

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Friday, October 18

8:00pm PDT