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Alvin Orloff began writing in 1977 as a teenager, penning lyrics for early San Francisco punk band The Blowdryers. He spent the 1980s working as a telemarketer and exotic dancer while concurrently attending U.C. Berkeley and performing with The Popstitutes, a somewhat absurd performance art/homocore band. In 1990, he and his bandmates founded Klubstitute, a floating queer cabaret devoted to the ideal of cultural democracy that featured spoken word, theater, drag, and musical acts. In 1995 the club closed its doors, staff and patrons ravaged by the AIDS epidemic, and Orloff suddenly remembered that all he’d ever wanted to be was a writer. He subsequently published three rather whimsical novels, I Married an Earthling, Gutter Boys, and Why Aren’t You Smiling? before producing Disasterama!, his memoir of life amongst the queer underground during the height of the AIDS crisis, Orloff currently works as the manager of Dog Eared Books, a literary hotspot in the heart of San Francisco’s Castro District.

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